OTE Sports

Getting your nutrition right is important to make the most of your training, we offer OTE nutrition products for sale to our clients as we believe they combine solid nutritional science with great tasting products all designed to be comfortable on your stomach. Our relationship with OTE allows us to use their altitude chamber for group sessions. 


York Sport Village

We run a lot of our coaching from the facilities at York Sport, in particular the Velodrome, Cycle Circuit and Cycle Spin Studio. We are also contracted by York Sport to run coaching sessions for them and assist with the implementation of the cycling strategy. 


York Cycleworks 

We have partnered with York Cycleworks to utilise their superb Bike Fit Studio which includes a Precision Fit Jig, Video Motion Capture, Saddle Pressure Mapping and Sidas Custom Footbed Mould. They are a great bunch of cyclists who want to help you ride as much as we do.