Coach and Rider hit the boards in Wee Scotland

Coached rider Rory Oliver and Coach Andy went up to Glasgow to compete in Scottish Nationals in November. Both of them competed in the Keirin, Sprint and Kilometer timetrial.

The Keirin started off the championships for both of them, with the luck of the draw they both drew the same heat, with first 3 through to the major final, and the rest through to the minor final. Unfortunately neither Andy or Rory made it through to the major final, so it was to the minor final for them both. After a fast race, Andy won, with Rory coming in second behind him, giving them 7th and 8th retrospectively.

Then onto the Saturday, and the sprint. The flying 200m qualifying started the day off, with Andy qualifying in 3rd and Rory in 6th with a competition PB. It was 16 riders through, so the first round was a straight knockout round. Rory won his heat, as did Andy, meaning they were both through to the quarterfinals. Unfortunately, because of how they had qualified, this meant that they were against each other, whoever won went through to the semifinals, and the other went into the 5th to 8th ride off. The quarterfinals were a best of three, which means that you had to race each other at least twice. Andy won the first round, meaning Rory would have to win the second race to stay in contention. They took it right down to the wire, requiring a photo finish and many discussions between the commissaires, but unfortunately for Rory, the decision was given the other way, and Andy was awarded the win, progressing him through to the semifinals with Rory going into the 5th to 8th ride off. Andy then had to race 2nd seed Bruce Croall, in the first race Andy went for a long one, but unfortunately was caught on the line by the more experienced rider, meaning he was one ride down, so if he wanted a shot at the gold medal he would have to win both of the next two rounds. Rory was then back up on the track with a 4-up race for 5th to 8th. He rode a very strong race to get 2nd, but was then moved up to get 1st, due to the rider who won it getting relegated, meaning Rory finished in a very impressive 5th. Andy went back up against Bruce, but was once more beaten, meaning he was into the Bronze medal ride off against Jamie Alexander, who lost his semifinal to Jonny Mitchell. Andy then went 1-0 up against Jamie, with Jonny going 1-0 up against Bruce. Andy and Jamie went back up onto the track, both riders feeling the fatigue setting in from the long day of racing, Andy got the jump on Jamie and went on to hold him off and to win the Bronze medal. Jonny also went on to win the gold medal in 2 straight rides against Bruce.

The Sunday held the Kilometre time trial for both Rory and Andy, having both had two days of racing in their legs at this point, the Kilo was going to be a tough race for them. Both riders were seeded due to their results in the sprint on the day before, meaning that Andy was 3rd last off and rory was 5th last off, both on the track by themselves. Rory went up to the track, but race nerves got the better of him and he tried to leave the gate early, meaning his start was off, and he put his hand up to signal a false start, he rolled back round, only to find that he wouldn't be allowed a restart. A disappointing end to a good weekends racing for Rory, but still one that he should be proud of. Andy went up to do his ride, went out the gate strong, doing a fast opening lap, in just over 18.5 seconds, he held his speed well up until the last lap, where he started to fade, (which is by no means unusual in a kilo), he stopped the clock in 1.06, which ended up putting him 0.2 seconds outside of the medals in 4th.