Rob Stanley

Level 3 Road, TT & Track coach, Rob has a track record of achieving results right up to taking athletes to compete internationally. Rob's ongoing research into exercise physiology allows him to adopt a rigorous and holistic approach to support your athletic ambitions. 

Coaching Experience: 4 years, 

Areas of Interest: Physiology, Endurance Track, Road and Triathlon, Nutrition, Bike Fit, Research. 

Greatest Achievement: Presenting Masters Degree at Science and Cycling Conference 2016.

Riding: Cervelo T1, Trek Emonda ALR, Trek Remedy


Andy Leveton

8 time National Champion on grass and tandem, Andy specialises in track sprinting which combined with his Level 2 Personal Training qualification Level 2 Track Coaching qualification and interest in Strength and Conditioning makes him the ideal person to maximise your top speed. 

Coaching Experience: 2 Years

Areas of Interest: Track Sprinting, Strength and Conditioning, Personal Training, Youth Coaching, Bicycle Mechanics. 

Greatest Achievement: Representing GB at the Southern Games in Trinidad & Tobago 2016.

Riding: BT Edge, Poetry in Motion custom frame, Giant TCR.